24” Charbroiler / Electronically Controlled 100% Wood Pellet-Fired / Ideal Food Truck Grill


This 24” Charbroiler is a superb choice for a food truck grill. It provides a 100% wood-fired pellet smoke to provide extra flavor to your hamburger or other grilled meat service.

Made in the USA by Cookshack.


100% Wood Pellet-Fired Charbroiler, Sized for Food Trucks

Food truck kitchen space is limited, you can do no wrong with right-sizing with the best equipment. This 24” charbroiler is the hamburger stand cook’s new best friend and is a next-level food truck grill for adding extra flavor. Imbue every juicy patty with 100% wood pellet smoke for a flavor that guarantees return customers. Nobody will know your secret, and we won’t tell (unless they’re here to buy this charbroiler  for themselves, of course).

Cooking capacity is ideal, you can fire 20 x 4 oz hamburgers in one go. Also: 16 x 12oz Ribeyes, 16 x 11oz New York Strips, 20 x 8oz Filet, or 20 x 8oz Chicken Breast

Made in the USA, by Cookshack

Manufacturer Description

Cookshack’s electronically controlled 100% wood pellet-fired Charbroiler gives you the tremendous advantages of both gas and wood charbroilers while eliminating the problems of lack of flavor, heat inconsistency, fuel storage, and ash disposal.

Cookshack Charbroilers are easy to use and require no special training. The electronically controlled pellet-cooking system keeps the charbroiler cooking at a consistent temperature and the heavy duty cast iron grates distribute heat evenly. Fueled by 100% food grade wood pellets provides consistent results and gives your food the well-loved smoky flavor that keeps customers coming back.

Manufacturer Features

Cooking Capacity: 12 oz. Ribeyes: 16 pcs., 11oz. New York Strip: 16 pcs., 8 oz. Filet: 20 pcs., 8 oz Chicken Breast: 20 pcs., 4 oz Hamburgers: 20 pcs.
Cooking Surface: Heavy duty cast iron grates 1 1/2″ thick
Cooking Area:  24″ x 20″ = 480 sq. in.
Temperature Settings: High: 700°, Medium: 500°, Low: 250°
Shipping Weight:  490 lbs.
Included Equipment: 4 cooking grates, grate removal tool, drip tray, 2 heat deflectors, locking casters, operator’s manual and 200 lbs. pellets
Fuel Usage: Average cost is $.50 per pound
Low (250°F average temperature): 2 lbs. of pellets per hour
Med(500°F average temperature): 4 lbs. of pellets per hour
High (700°F average temperature): 6 lbs. of pellets per hour
Construction and Insulation: Double Walled Construction surrounding 850° F Spin-Glas® Insulation

NSF and USDA Approved; UL Listed in the USA and Canada as Commercial Cooking Equipment; Made in the USA


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