Brood DRNX BRW Nitro Cold Brew Machine with Internal Reservoir / Ideal as a Food Truck Nitro Cold Brew Machine


The DRNX by BROOD cold brew machine is a hot new product that brings a proven fan favorite to your drink menu. If you looking for a machine that’s ideal as a food truck nitro cold brew machine then you found your match. The DRNX BRW is a quick and easy add-on to your existing food or beverage truck and makes a great kit for smaller trailers or trucks.

Cold brew coffee making popularity continues to grow, “tap” in today with Brood’s DRNX BRW.


Elevate Your Coffee With Next Level With This Nitro Cold Brew Machine


The DRNX BRW Nitro Cold Brew Machine


DRNX BRW nitro cold brew coffee machine is the pinnacle of cold brew coffee in its truest form. Engineered with a refrigerated internal reservoir that’s chilled to a crisp 2°C, this fully self-contained cold brew dispenser extracts atmospheric nitrogen, eliminating the need for tanks, costly consumables, and plumbing.

DRNX BRW nitro coffee brewer not only dispenses both nitro-infused and still beverages, but it also brews the coffee for you—a breakthrough solution for smaller-scale operations. Fill with coarse beans and water and enjoy pouring consistently ice-cold beverages that brew to perfection over 12 hours.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Machine Features

  • Countertop nitro coffee dispenser for both nitro and still cold brew – from the same tap Extracts nitrogen from the air; no nitrogen tank necessary
  • Plug & play in 2 minutes
  • Consistency with every pour
  • Chills 1.5 gallons from room temperature to 36°F in less than 30 minutes
  • Works with any drink
  • No need to deal with gas tanks or companies
  • Compact design; can be placed over or under the counter
  • Customizable color, design and tap handle

Engineered For The Perfect Pour

Say goodbye to complex piping, kegs, and multiple gas tanks to create nitro infusions. BROOD commercial nitro cold brew machines chill drinks down to a crisp 2 °C, infusing every cup with atmospheric nitrogen to bring you the creamiest, sweetest nitro coffee you’ve never tasted before—until now.

BROOD coffee machines draw from atmospheric nitrogen creating an unlimited supply. What does this mean for you? Absolutely zero refills, ever—you’ll always have cold brew on tap. Forget dealing with unreliable out-of-stock distributors and multiple gas tanks that take up precious space in your operations. With BROOD, the hassle of bulky equipment and costly consumables disappears completely.





100 120 V / 60 HZ, 200 240 V / 50 HZ






9.75 / 14.75 / 18.25 IN






36°F +/- 3°F


1.5 GAL


34 PSI

How to use

Set up DRNX BRW in 2 minutes or less—there’s no special machine or equipment required.

Plug in the DRNX BRW nitro cold brew coffee machine, pour coffee beans or cold brew into its ready-made reservoir, and your mixture will remain chilled at a consistent 2°C for weeks on end. When adding coffee beans and chilled water, you can create cold brew within the same serving reservoir. Provide your customers with a potent, highly caffeinated beverage that’s less watery than regular hot or cold coffee.

Choose the Setting

Simply turn a dial to choose still or nitro. With BROOD’s innovative engineering, one compact nitro brew coffee machine diminishes costly external kegs, hoses, and containers while simultaneously expanding available serving options. Take your menu up a notch by offering cold brew in two unique styles: still or nitro infused.

Pull the Tap and Serve

Pull the nitro coffee tap and start pouring. It is as simple as that.

Once you’ve filled the nitro cold brew coffee machine DRNX BRW reservoir, all that’s left to do is simply raise a glass. Turn the dial to select still or nitro infusion and place your cup at an angle directly below the spout. Pull the tap and watch the cold brew flow. Then, it’s a quick twist to return the infuser dial to its beginning position, and there you have it. A delicious, perfectly chilled beverage ready for sipping in under 12 seconds.

Product Benefits to Your Business

Breakthrough self-contained design with constant cooling

DRNX BRW nitro coffee machine is equipped with a refrigerated 1.5-gallon internal reservoir that eliminates the need for external kegs or containers, making it the most compact self-contained design on the market today. Most dispensing equipment requires you to keep the batch outside of the machine, putting added responsibility on the operator to keep it in an ambient environment if shelf-stable or stored in a separate fridge. With DRNX BRW nitro cold brew coffee machine, you can pour coffee beans or cold brew of any kind directly into the machine where it will stay continuously cooled at 2°C for weeks.

No consumables. Effortless installation. Unlimited nitro.

No tanks or complex plumbing required. Our proprietary tankless DRNX BRW nitro coffee brewer chills 1.5 gallons from room temperature down to a crisp 2°C in less than 30 minutes, infusing every cup with atmospheric nitrogen so you’re equipped with an unlimited supply—always. Simply plug it in and start pouring a variety of delectable drinks on demand.

Pour at a speed you’ve never seen before

Our nitro coffee machine pours 5 drinks per minute, every minute. From specialty coffee to craft cocktails, you’ll skyrocket the speed of your operations and keep the line moving—and that means a big boost to your bottom line.

Impeccable taste and a consistently perfect cup

Each cup is as perfect as the next. Achieve a consistently smooth and creamy taste, delightful sweetness, a rich, garnish-ready head, and a mesmerizing cascade that lasts for minutes with one compact nitro coffee machine.

Intuitive design and a compact footprint

Whether you’re outfitting a national restaurant chain or a compact food truck, BROOD nitro brew coffee machines slot seamlessly into your operations. DRNX BRW nitro cold brew coffee machine is less than 10” wide and sits discreetly on (or below) any countertop. The intuitive design is equipped with a dial that allows you to effortlessly switch between nitro and still, so you can serve a variety of different drinks without the need for extra equipment.

Completely transform your menu—and your business

DRNX BRW nitro brew coffee machine infuses ANY cold brew, not just coffee. Enjoy mixing juice, tea, cocktails, and more inside the innovative internal reservoir, adding a wide variety of new nitro-infused beverage options to your menu that will skyrocket your revenue. BROOD nitro coffee system can be customized down to the dial to meet your business’s specific branding, from color palettes to logos, hand-etched patterns, and custom tap coverings, the design options are endless. Make BROOD nitro cold brew coffee machines completely your own.

Expertly crafted in Canada

Every BROOD nitro cold brew coffee machine is meticulously sourced and crafted close to home. We proudly partner with leading Canadian organizations such as Tech-Access Canada and Export Development Canada and receive valuable mentorship from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to ensure our business operates at the highest standards of excellence while supporting our local economy.


How Is Nitro Cold Brew Made?

Unlike hot water utilized in making standard drip coffee, cold water creates cold brew. Cover the coffee beans with chilled water and steep the mixture for approximately 12 hours. This extended process is due to the slower extraction when using cold water. Ramping up cold brew to its nitro-infused counterpart follows the same procedure with an added layer of infusing the mixture with nitrogen gas. The good news? With BROOD’s home nitro coffee machines, you can complete all these steps within one compact machine.

Why Is Nitro Cold Brew Stronger?

Nitro cold brew is more robust than regular coffee because the coffee beans steep for longer periods. Hot water hastens the brewing process, but cold brew allows every drop of caffeine, flavor, and beneficial component to truly shine. Hot or iced drip coffee typically contains approximately 95 mg of caffeine, whereas nitro cold brew’s caffeine content sits around 280 mg.

How Does Nitro Cold Brew Work?

Standard methods for creating and serving nitro cold brew typically revolve around a keg. And if you have ever used a keg system before, you know the trials and tribulations that come with it. Draft lines that need high-maintenance care, out-of-stock distributors, costly gas tanks, the list goes on. With our cold brew nitro coffee machine, this typically complex process is streamlined and simplified. Brew, infuse, and serve all from one compact and intuitive machine.


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